Preorder ends: May 22, 2020

Pick Up Time: May 25 - May 30, 2020


- A unique blend of 12 nutritious baby greens grown by hydroponic technique.
Arugula, Broccoli, Southern Giant Mustard, Blue Curly Kale, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Red Acre Cabbage, Red Garnet Amaranth, Red Russian Kale, Red leaf Mizuna, Bak Choy Cabbage, and Clover.

- Higher nutrition content per weight than sprouts.

- Sprouts, 2-3 days after germination

- Baby greens, 8-10 days after germination

- Baby Greens selected to provide a full range of phytonutritions, vitamins, and fibers.

- Contains broccoli that are loaded with anticancer compounds.

- For salad, soup, and sandwich.


Storage: Keep refrigerated


Storage: Store at the refrigation


  • Grove Street Farmers Market (Monday, 4-7 pm)

    910 NW 4th St., Gainesville 32601

    Northwest Gainesville Farmers Market (Thursday, 4-8 pm)

    4989 NW 40 pl, Gainesville 32606 (in front of One Love Café)

    High Springs Farmers Market (Friday, 12-4 pm)

    23718 W US Hwy 27, High Springs 32643 (Next to City Hall)

    Newberry farmers market  (First and third Saturday, 12 - 4pm)

    25370 Newberry Rd., Newberry 32669