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- Easy steps to create tasty n healthy drinks in Mason Jars

- All Natural Ingredients

- Loaded with Vitamins and Antioxidants

- No processed sugar added. Sweetened with dates

= Energy boosting with Ashwagandha roots

- No Artificial Colors and Favors.  No Preservatives

- No salt added.  Caffeine-free



Blueberry, orange, lemon, mint, roselle, rose hips, banana, sumac, spearmint, chrysanthemum flowers, thyme, ashwagandha roots, and dates.



1) use 1 tablespoon (or more) of infusion water mix to a half-gallon jar, or 1 teaspoon (or more) to a quart jar.

2) Fill the jar slowly with hot water to the neck of the jar.                Fill the jar with hot water slowly to avoid the glass explosion.  Do not fill to the top.       

3) Loosely screw the lid on the jar.

4) Wait until the drink cools down. 

5) Screw the lid tightly. Move the drink to the fridge.

6) Leave the drink in the fridge for one day. Serve.

Tastynhealthy Infusion Water Mix - Refeshing Mix

  • Grove Street Farmers Market (Monday, 4-7 pm)

    910 NW 4th St., Gainesville 32601

    Northwest Gainesville Farmers Market (Thursday, 4-8 pm)

    4989 NW 40 pl, Gainesville 32606 (in front of One Love Café)

    High Springs Farmers Market (Friday, 12-4 pm)

    23718 W US Hwy 27, High Springs 32643 (Next to City Hall)

    Newberry farmers market  (First and third Saturday, 12 - 4pm)

    25370 Newberry Rd., Newberry 32669