Preorder ends: May 22, 2020

Pick Up Time: May 25 - May 30, 2020


Beech mushrooms have a firm, crunch stem and small firm caps.

The taste is bland but they are good to be mixed in meats and veggies.  It is popular in Asian cooking like stir-fry dishes,


- Mushrooms harvested weekly for freshness

- Mushrooms are grown indoor in a temperature-controlled enviroment 

-  Mushrooms are grown in organic substrates

- Freshness remains for up to 3 weeks if they are stored properly.


Storage: Keep refrigerated


Fresh Mushrooms - Beech

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  • -  Rich in proteins (contain all the essential amino acids for protein     building).

    -  Low fat. No cholesterol and saturated fat.

    -  Great sources of vitamin B complex and D, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc and other important minerals.

    -  Containing cholesterol-lowering and blood sugar-regulating dietary   fibers.

    -  Full of antioxidants for cell and blood vessel health.

    -  Loaded with anti-cancer and immune-boosting polysaccharides.

    -  Perfect food for weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol  controls.