Tasty N Healthy Products

Plant-Based, Nutrition-Focused

All Natural Ingredients

Gluten-Free, Soy-Free

No Processed Sugar, Use only nutritious Himalayan Pink Salt

FRESH, most are made WEEKLY

How to order and pick up

Fresh Organic-Grown Mushrooms (Tasty N Healthy Product)
Harvest On Demand for freshness and elimination of food waste

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Natural Veggies Chips (Tasty N Healthy Product)

A healthy snack made with 5 different kinds of dehydrated veggies.  No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.  Baked to crispness and lighted salted with Himalayan pink salt.

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Sunflowers-based creamy products (Tasty N Healthy Product)

Diary-free, Nut-free, vegan=friendly, made with all-natural ingredients

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Tastynhealthy Infusion water mix and Herbal tex mix (Tasty N Healthy Product)

No processed sugar, no added salt, artificial flavors or color, made with all-natural ingredients

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BeyondTofu (Tasty N Healthy Product)

A chickpea-based, soy-free, firm tofu texture, healthy tofu substitute

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Nutri-Greens (Tasty N Healthy Product)

Nutrition-rich microgreens mixture of 12 veggies, grown hydroponically with only water, soil-free

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