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The concept of Harvest On Demand

Pink/Golden/Phoenix/Abalone Oyster Mushrooms

These delicious beauties have a texture firmer than button and portabella mushrooms.  People described they have seafood taste.







Available this week


King Oyster Mushrooms

Huge mushrooms that are grown for their firm stems.  These delicious giants have a texture firmer than the regular oyster mushrooms.  People described they have a texture and taste of scallops.  







Available this week


Shiitake Mushrooms

These mushrooms have the texture similar to button and portabella mushrooms.  Unlike button and portabella mushrooms, these mushrooms are full of favors.  These are the most popular mushrooms served in Eastern Asian cuisines. 







Available this week 


Lion's Mane Mushrooms (available first quarter 2019)

These delicious mushrooms have the texture similar to regular oyster mushrooms.  People described they have a unique shrimp-like or lobster-like favor.  They contain special proteins for improving neurological function. 








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